The Power of a Small Tree

Growing from nothing

Todays’ reflection came as I was out with my dog this morning and took notice of some trees that grew out of seemingly nothing.

 Most every day I pass by a huge rock that has been detonated to make way for the road nearby. Lucy had found something interesting to smell and while I stood there waiting I looked at the big rock that is about three times my height and I saw tiny trees growing out directly from the rock.

These little trees were fighting the circumstances, the environment, the lack of soil, and still they stood there waiting for spring. Now why did I noticed them? This morning I was out looking for things that could inspire me and the interesting thing is that when you set your intention and start looking for those things you will find them.

I have walked by this rock many times, actually many years, and I’m not sure that I have been in such an awe earlier over these little trees coming out of the rock. But today I was ready to see them. I was ready to get inspired by nature around me and as I stood there in front of this rock I got my lesson.

The lesson for me was that no matter how tough it is there is always a way to grow even if we don’t have the right soil that we need or the environment is hostile. Right now the economic situation is tough for many and I know I speak for many solo entrepreneurs who are having a tough time. But out of the pandemic comes also an array of creativity. It forces us to open up our minds, to think a little bit bigger, a little bit larger, and a little bit outside ourselves. When we are open to do that, instead of feeling locked in or being in lockdown as many of us physically are, but mentally we are never locked down or locked in. We always have access to our brain, to our creativity and to be able to think bigger and larger thoughts.

It does not take much for a tree to think outside the box, it just does what it does wherever it can and whatever the circumstances are. I think we can learn a lot from little trees.

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