Finding Purpose

And having the guts to follow through

Brian Hobbs was a songwriter and composer most of his life. He wrote both music and lyrics in many different genres from R&B, funky stuff, jazz, big band, instrumental, bossa, pop, country and even musicals. He was an encyclopedia when it came to early twentieth century music and his first inspiration was George and Ira Gershwin.

Once Brian moved to Sweden he became the person to go to when it came to lyrics, but he also did quite a few instrumental albums on his own and he loved doing that. He found his perfect writing partner in Andreas Aleman and together they wrote Andreas first three albums.

Brian also had songs released in Japan and Spain and many other countries and here in Sweden he wrote lyrics for Björn Skifs, Janne Schaffer, Stefan Gunnarsson, Nils Landgren and many more. His highlight was when Michael Mc Donald sang on one of his songs. But it was not until June 2017 that Brian released his first album that he himself sang on. He did not consider himself a singer so this was a big hurdle for him to overcome. He was already feeling his sickness but had not yet got diagnosed when the album was released. The album is called Genesis of Who I Am and is a reflection on who he was.

The most amazing thing once he got diagnosed with cancer was his lack of fear about putting out music that in his ears was not perfectly mixed and mastered yet. He knew that his time was measured and he wanted to get it all out there. During a few months he managed to release the following albums.

Discography of Brian Hobbs

  • Genesis of Who I am
  • Reflections
  • Impressions of the Outer Banks 2
  • Healing purpose
  • The independent man (a musical)

And on top of that he released the book The Craft of Creating which is a book about songwriting. It came out in early January 2018 a month before he died so he was quite sick by then and I helped him get it all in order.

Brian truly found his life purpose when he realized he had inspired so many young students that he had taught as a singer-songwriter teacher.

Here are some more instrumental albums he wrote, played on and produced.

  • Impressions of the Outer Banks
  • Candle in the Window
  • Balancing Body and Mind
  • Second Glances

These are albums he co-wrote all or most of the songs:

  • Andreas Aleman 3 albums: This is life, It’s the Journey, Home for Christmas
  • Peter Getz: Bossa my Soul
  • Monica Silverstrand: Been There Done That
  • Albert Hobbs Big Band: Love Remembered
  • Charlotte & Dea: Alabaster Nights

This is far from all Brian has done and written but I know he was especially proud of these albums. I hope the lesson to be learned from this is don’t wait for the perfect moment to get things done. If you have a dream of writing, painting, singing or whatever it is, just dive right in and let go of the fear of not being good enough or fear of being judged. As long as you enjoy what you do, you have found your purpose in life and a way to feel fulfilled.

The book Reflections written by Brian Hobbs and me, takes you on an inner journey that we all face one day. The book is released on May 26. Join me on my official facebook page for the online release.

Face Your Fears and Live Your Purpose

Fia Hobbs

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