Internationally Acclaimed Speaker, Author, Therapist and Forerunner for Cancer Survivors’ Enhanced Quality of Life

With 30 years in the field of stress management I help people with all kinds of stress and challenges, especially  when it comes to cancer in particular, and I also work with caregivers.

I am the CEO at Arcadia FriskVård AB and founder of  two Swedish non profit organizations for a better Cancer Rehabilitation and for Cancer Wellness. 

After 10 years of living abroad in different countries, I moved back to my native Sweden with my family. I work as a speaker, a counseling therapist, a qigong teacher and I love doing workshops on all my favourite topics which all have to do with mindset one way or another.

My Stress to Strength Program is the result of my work in Eastern and Western medicine as well as Neuro Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Mindfullness.

In 2002 I received my Master Exam in Medical Qigong and have done clinic work in hospital in China and in a clinic in Tokyo. I am trained in counseling by Dr Carl Simonton at the Simonton Cancer Center in California.

When it comes to Mindfulness I use both MBSR, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, and for cancer patients Mindfulness Based Cancer Recovery Program.

I have a lot of personal experience with cancer all around me having lost dear friends, colleagues and family members. My husband died of cancer in 2018 and together we wrote the book Reflections, A Story of Hope, Healing, Facing Fears, and Finding Purpose.

Reflections became a Book Excellence Award Finalist 2021 and is a co-write with my husband. My first book came out 2010 and is about mental training viewed from an Eastern and Western point of view. It will be translated into English during 2022.

Books by Fia Hobbs
2020 Reflections by Brian and Fia Hobbs
2015 Co-write of the book Boosta din Business
2010 Öst möter Väst - Mental träning över gränserna

Book Reviews
August 152019
Book Review

With heartfelt honesty, this book takes us on the roller coaster ride of having a cancer diagnosis in a most sensitive manner. Although it acknowledges the difficulties that are experienced by most patients and caregivers, it spares us the intimate details of treatments gone wrong, fears that consume us, and the mental and physical toll of caring for someone with cancer, as many books of this nature do. Instead, it focuses on how do we stay present? How do we remain hopeful? What important information has been learned that can be left behind that may help others on this cancer journey? Written by a brilliantly poetic musician and his compassionate therapist wife, we feel the power of our thoughts on our well-being. We see the critical importance of support. We understand the significance of giving and receiving love…love of family, friends, nature, our universe… and how all of this impacts our physiology, our life, our health, RIGHT NOW, regardless if we are currently ill or well. Every cancer journey is personal. We all have something to gain from each other’s experiences if we are privileged enough to be invited in. This is your invitation. Karen Smith Simonton Executive Director Simonton Cancer Center .

August 92019
Book Review

This is a gripping story of life, healing, and the love that shines through it all. It is in life’s exposed inner core that the magical transformation occurs during our final scene. It is there we make the sudden shifts between the revealing light and the invading shadow - the light inescapably insightful and precious. Everything that had been pushed aside by fear and negligence, by ignorance and complacency, is invited back by Brian Hobbs who, with openness and candor, allows life to finally catch up to him. With incredible loyalty and insight into wholeness and healing, his wife Fia Hobbs navigates them both, in acceptance and in healing. Day by day, moment by moment, all the way to death’s door, which perhaps needn’t always divide us, they both stand in our presence as a universal teacher and guide. The impact of Brian’s healing at the end of his life leaves an unforgettable touch of hope and purpose, and a reminder of the finiteness that we all need to be reminded of to live in the here and now. My wish is for everyone to take part in this story that sheds light on even that which is part of the inescapably painful and yet part of the totality of life. Marie Bergman, Singer-song writer, Therapist

Aug 032019
Book Review

Through Brian and Fia’s writing I have followed along on your difficult journey and been uplifted by your fighting spirit, your strength, your wisdom and your love for one another and for life itself. Your text conveys not only emotion and reflection but guiding advice that can be of great help to many. The book provides an intimate window into two experiences, one from a cancer patient’s perspective and the other through the eyes of a loved one and caregiver. Never before have I encountered a book where there was such an intimate and heartfelt exchange between two voices as this one. Stig Hanno, Chairman of patient and cargiver advisory board, RCC Stockholm