I handpick my collaborators and here are a few of them.
These are some of the clinics and people I recommend and trust.

Acradia Praxis is an Integrative Oncology Clinic in Bad Emstal, Germany and one of the best clinics I have come across when it comes to intergrating cancer treatments and also offering psycho-social suport. If you want to know more you can contact me. Click on the link below:

Budwig Center in Torremolinos, Spain offer alternative treatments for balancing the body when it comes to diet, non toxic treatments and emotianal rebalancing. Click on the link below:

Simonton Cancer Center in California, USA is my favourite center when it comes to psycho-social suport. I have been trained by Dr. Carl Simonton and have followed his work for many years. You will find similarities in the way I work with cancer patients and how Simonton worked. Highly recommend it. Click on the link below: