Qigong for Your Health

How qigong can help you with physical and mental balance.

Find out how You can Achieve Balance in Your Life

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Qigong has been my main training program since 1988 together with meditation and mindfulness. I would love for you to experience the power of qigong and how you can use it as a healing modality in your health plan or in every day life.

Since the Corona outbreak I have held my classes 3 times a week online over Zoom in Swedish at Qigong Studio Online. English speaking classes will start up 2022.

I have put together a package for you with 3 videos where I teach you a form that is being used in hospitals in China. Here is the link: Stress to Strength with Qigong

Wishing you good health!

Fia Hobbs
Master of Medical Qigong


A short background of Fia Hobbs

My first introduction to this practice was when I started my acupuncture studies and training qigong was one of the requirements. This was in New York back in 1988 and since then my practice has taken me around the world. I finished my Master of Medical Qigong in 2002 in California and did clinic work in a Beijing hospital in 2003 and went to a clinic in Tokyo 2004 for further studies and work.

I have frequently travelled to China during a 15 year period where I brought my students with me to the most wonderful locations, in mountains or at Chinas’ oldest qigong clinic where I also have studied.

The way I use it in my work as a therapist is both as physical and mental training. In treatments I work with qi therapy that can be translated to qi healing. I have been a therapist for 30+ years and work with all sorts of methods taking people from Stress to Strength

I am also a speaker, author and forerunner for cancer survivors’ enhanced quality of life and run online programs for cancer surivors and caregivers.

Join me in these training videos Qigong video with Fia Hobbs