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A Story of Hope, Healing, Facing Fears and Finding Purpose

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Reflections, a Story of Hope, Healing, Facing Fears and Finding Purpose is a gripping story written from two perspectives: Brian Hobbs, a songwriter with a terminal cancer diagnosis with months to live, and Fia Hobbs, his caregiving wife as well as his therapist.


During Brian’s illness he wrote down his thoughts and feelings in a blog that became a huge inspiration for people to let go of their own fears and to find purpose in their own lives. Reflections will move and inspire people to realize what matters in life as they follow Brian’s last months and the people around him.


Reflections takes you on an honest journey through dealing with fears, coming to term with illness, facing death, and acceptance. Follow Brian and Fia on their journey through hope, despair, and finally to peace and acceptance.


“A truly inspirational book on life and death and having a purpose in life that will stay with you for a long time.” —Kevin Harrington, Original Shark on “Shark Tank” Inventor of the Infomercial, Best Selling Author.


My book tour that was planned along the East Coast from NY city to Orlando was cancelled due to Covid-19. You can follow me on this link on facebook to get new updates. In the meantime you can watch the online book release right here.


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