Stress to Strength

Stress to Strength, an Individualized 5 Step Program.

Taking you from Stress to Strength

Who is this for?

The most comprehensive stress management program for people in high demand jobs. I work around your schedule and give you the coping skills to last a lifetime

For you who experience stress in your life related to work, relations or due to illness and need to find coping strategies.

Stress to Strength 5 Step Program is the result of my 30 years as a therapist in stress management. I have developed the program so you get an individulized plan that is right for you.

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5 Step Program for Physical, Mental and Emotional Stress

In the program we look at:

  • self sabotaging patterns and how to transform them
  • how the subconscious work and increase awareness
  • look at old truths, values, and shift of mindset
  • learn how to get energy into your life with various methods
  • how to sustain your new habits and mindset

We work on a physical, mental, emotional and existential level and as always YOU are the one that sets the intention of what you want to acheive.

How we can work together

I offer one to one coaching and you buy vouchers for 1, 5 or 10 sessions.

You can also sign up to your individual VIP program that runs from 1, 3 and up to 6 months. This program is in high demand and therefore limited due to the extensive support.

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Fia Hobbs

My article in Brainz Magazine The 5 Fundamental Steps to Sustainable Stress Management