Stress Management, Cancer Wellness, Mindful Living


I have been holding workshops around the world in the States, in Europe and China. Right now you can find them online due to the Covid- 19 situation situation. Hopefully in the future I would be able to hold a workshop in your country I am open for suggestions.

  • Workshop on Cancer Wellness Mindful Living for Cancer Survivors’ and Caregivers
  • Stress Management based on the 5 Step Stress to Strength Program
  • The Power of Qigong, Guigen Qigong for Your Health
  • The Mental Training Aspect of Qigong, Zhineng Qigong
  • Mindfulness and Mindful Living

Here is an online program I have put together for you who need some balance in your life: Stress to Strength with Qigong


  • August 4th, webinar about Facing Challenges, for information click here: Free webinar
  • August 6th, Challenge on going deeper into internal resistance and self sabotaging patterns. More info will follow shortly.
  • Stress to Strength Studion Online, starts August 18th. For more info click here
  • Stress to Strength 3 month group coaching, for more info click here